Breeze: Design Of Volume Control Damper

  • Product Domain: HVAC, Volume Control Damper
  • Client: Airpro Engineers Pvt. Ltd. with support from NID_MSME_Design Clinic scheme
  • Product: Volume Control Dampers
  • Product Duration: 16 Weeks
  • Design Brief: Design of Volume Control Damper which addresses the issues related to manufacturing, assembly in terms of quality, usage, installation, helps in Faster production time & keeping manufacturing cost low. Enhanced aesthetics for better acceptability in international market.

Design Benefits:

  1. After internal research, we realized the process innovation is needed. Welding is one crude technique which requires energy, skilled labor, time consuming finishing, testing; hence it was imperative to eliminate welding. Considering the standards in place, we designed new innovative VCD with following benefits compared to old product.


Business Impact: Innovative design has given client considerable edge in the fiercely competitive market, with good negotiating power due to large cost savings in energy, skilled labor, material cost and possibility of export in international market.

Product Status: Product in market from July 2012.


fire damper


mechanical damper