Eclipse: DVD And USB Case Cover

  • Product Domain: Lifestyle Products, Electronic Product Packaging
  • Client: Girish Lone Photography, Dev Purabiya Photography and other wedding photographers
  • Product: DVD & USB Cases

Design Benefits:

Eclipse is exquisite, highly personalized, DVD & USB Cases for sharing artist work with their clients & customers. It has elegance with high style quotient; flick it open to reveal the beautiful DVDs inside. The Eclipse has unique blend of technology, manufacturing and hand craft, making it an unparalleled way to share precious DVDs with esteemed clients. The Eclipse protects DVDs and displays the labels through elegant cutouts which can be custom-made to suit the occasions like wedding, engagements and even the personal branding of the photographers. You can either keep single DVD or your collection of Batman Trilogy. The added advantage is that it is available in various colors.

Product Status: Available for sale by DesignLIFE as per customized order

compact dvd case


dvd USB cover design


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