Endosauber: Fully Automatic Endoscope Sterilizer

  • Product Domain: Medical Equipments
  • Client: Endotech, Mumbai
  • Product: Fully Automatic Endoscope Disinfector Machine: ENDOSAUBER
  • Product Duration: 8 Weeks
  • Design Brief: To facelift the existing dated model to contemporary aesthetics with better usability. Product needs to be easy to manufacture, assembly & maintain

Design Benefits:

  1. Clean & Robust design language, Easy to use product, fast to assemble & quick to service. New Design has been very well appreciated by the customers, creating higher brand value for the client


Business Impact: The first reaction of the customers is "Is it Endotech's Product or they are selling some International Product?". This line sums up the product success. Even since the launch of new design, demand was doubled and it's easier to sell the product now compared to earlier design. Also, the Product is far more reliable due to improved usability, ease of service and repair which has further enhanced the sales. Great design and parametric engineering with use of high end technology for mass production led to the huge product success.

Product Status: In the market from January of 2012.

The Design: Endosauber


High-level disinfection of gastrointestinal endoscope reprocessing Cleaning and disinfecting flexible endoscopes