OPUS: Integrated Computer Desk

When Ace photographer, Joseph Radhik approached us with a brief to create clutter free table, we went back to observe his current table, his interaction with it. We realized the biggest fact that his all gadgets-gears are having their leisure time lying on table with their black wires cluttered. We hit upon the idea, that It’s not the clutter-fee table but he is looking for an easy to clean and stow-away table for his ever-changing gadgets. And then he just ordered that BIG White Chic Mac to add to his busy days of working in the wiry mess.

Here is our answer to all your needs : OPUS : Future of Table:

This unique ultra-clean dazzling table is designed for gadget savvy freaks with loads of wires to play with. The most interesting part of Design is the Table can have inbuilt high end gaming machine, if you don’t have a MAC. Table can have high-end Blue ray dvd reader, USB powered hub for charging devices, multi-cardreader, Stereo out for awesome pair of headphones and 2.1 Speakers. So when you come home, sit back and relax, experience your time! without bothering about pulling out bunch of cables to plugin and plug out.

Made for Gaming enthusiast, Animators, Photographers and Tech savvy souls to enjoy opulence of Opus.

Product Status: Available for sale by :DesignLIFE, as per customized order


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