POWER: Solar Energy Regulator

  • Product Domain: Electrical & Energy Industry
  • Client: Whirlybird Electronics, Mumbai
  • Product: Solar energy converter and power regulator for submersible pumps
  • Design Brief: To design new casing with optimum size, small footprint, reduce the cost of manufacturing and freight transportation with better usability.


Design Benefits:

  1. After complete study of internal components and norms, we created new breakthrough layout of inside components which resulted in 40% reduction in overall size with aesthetically pleasing and clean design.


Business Impact: Innovative layout and clean design has given client huge cost saving in manufacturing, assembly and most importantly in packaging and transport. Manufacturing cost is reduced by 50%, Packaging and Freight/transport cost saving of 40%. The entire design was completed in a challenging timeline of three weeks with support provided to manufacture 35 units as well.

Product Status: Product in market since April 2012.


Solar Charge Controller solar regulator