Wheel for Globe Valve

  • Product Domain: Cryogenics, Pressure Vessels, Oil & Gas (LNG)
  • Client: Mack Valve Pvt. Ltd  
  • Product: Hand Wheel for Globe Valve for flow control & safety
  • Design Services: Industrial Design, Design Engineering, Prototyping Support, Production Support                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            



Derive Brand language for MACK Valves India operations , positioning them as good quality affordable options Make the Globe Valve stand of product in the portfolio and competition Breakage of Wheels due to use of f-tool or Metal Rods                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Design Benefits:

  1. New design language for MACK Brand gives contemporary & state of art feel & at the same time positions brand as new high quality cost effective offering.
  2. Ergonomic Delta Design, gives efficient torque and excellent grip with thick gloves, in sub-zero as well as high temperature environments Single Surface Delta Design with no webs/no cutouts, prevents tampering of wheel by use of f-tool or Metal Rods for opening in harsh conditions.
  3. Improved usability with visual marking for direction of open, close & type of valve etc.
  4. New smart Lockout Cap design to avoid accidental opening or shutting, increasing safety.
  5. New soft grip, corrosion resistant paint finish Design provides ample space for branding Design easy to adapt to three sizes, without sacrificing the strength and usability 


Business Impact: Revolutionary design for a mundane industrial product. New design language for MacValve brand


Globe Valves Hand Wheels Design


Globe Valve Wheel Design


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