:DesignLIFE is an expert Industrial Design Studio and we are specialist in working with Startups for product design innovations

We provide following services:

  1. RESEARCH: We provide design research services conducting desk and user research to identify or test the value hypothesis for your product idea.
  2. BUILD: We build prototypes, engaging products that provide great customer experience and scale securely. We are there with you till product is manufactured and out in the market.
  3. ENGINEERING: We provide design engineering services to turn the concepts in actual real life simulations.
  4. ADVISE: We provide business and product development strategy to emerging startups and multinational companies around the world.
  5. INVEST: We provide development services to entrepreneurs for their product ideas.

Our Team

Sarika Ravlekar

Partner & Investor

Girish Lone

Founder, Head, Industrial Design

Sandip Patil

Head Engineering Design

Nikhil Patil

Sr. Industrial Designer

Mihir Gurjar

Industrial Designer

Kapinjal Vaidya

Design Engineer, NPD

Trisha Rathod

Industrial Designer